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Since the beginning of the unprecedented popular movement (Hirak) that has invaded the Algerian street in 2019, the Ultras (football club supporters) have had a front row seat to this protest.


Used to shouting their rage in the stadiums and chanting slogans against evil life and "hogra" (disdain) for a long time, this revolted youth decided to occupy the street and helped to untie the languages. Unlike the dark hours of violence in Algerian stadiums, there has been a peaceful osmosis in the protest between the Ultras of different clubs and the Algerian street. As is often the case in the Maghreb, the government has used the stadiums as a release valve for this youth.


Over time, political awareness has grown and then poured into the streets to reflect on society as a whole. Many of the early songs of the Hirak were born in the stadiums.


This series is a dive into the heart of the Ultras during the demonstrations in the streets of Algiers since February 22, 2019.

Story published in Le Monde Diplomatique

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